The devastating impact of plastic waste

Two-thirds of the plastic that enters our oceans comes from land-based sources. People littering, industry spills and poorly managed landfill sites are some of the main sources of contamination. The result? Approximately 269,000 tons of plastic is now in the sea, the weight of almost 1345 adult blue whales!

The effects of so much plastic in the ocean are particularly devastating for seabirds and forms of aquatic life, who often become entangled in plastic or mistake it for food. However, the inhabitants of the sea are not the only ones who are affected by it. 1 in 3 fish that are caught for human consumption now contain plastic, so we are becoming increasingly exposed to it and the associated health risks, like endocrine disruption and certain types of cancers. So for the sake of the planet, and the health of its inhabitants, steps must be taken to reduce the amount of plastic that we all use.

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What we’re doing to reduce plastic wastage

For starters, Seal-Lite are committed to recycling everything we use on site. By recycling everything on site, we significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce, preventing it from finding its way into landfills and subsequently into the oceans. This commitment to reducing wastage is present throughout every stage of our operation. From fabricating our uPVC and aluminium products in our manufacturing facilities to installing them at the homes of our customers. Seal-Lite is unequivocally committed to reducing plastic wastage.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we’re also committed to undertaking sustainable working practices. Therefore, reducing the number of harmful greenhouse emissions we expel into the environment.

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Always striving to look after our customers wherever possible, we are extremely proud of the high standards of craftsmanship, fabrication, installation and aftercare services that our highly skilled team continue to excel at delivering. Our excellent aftersales service and on-site service engineer proactively deal with any issues that occasionally occur with our products directly - no job is too small for our service engineer!

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With an outstanding range of uPVC and aluminium products supplied directly to our trade customers, we are highly experienced in working alongside architects and contractors on new build projects.

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As well as serving the local community, we have many established connections with various different trade customers across the South West who value the high-quality products that we produce.