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An image of a white conservatoryDouble glazed conservatory installers across the South West of England

A double glazed conservatory is a timeless feature that adds value and appeal to your home. At Seal-Lite we understand it is a major investment and that is why we take the time to design to your individual requirements – because your home is different from any other.

All our double glazed conservatories are available in up to eighteen standard colours/finishes, five polycarbonate roof options and six glass roof options that include Pilkington Active self-cleaning class.

To ensure your conservatory remains warm and comfortable all year round we use double glazed units with excellent ‘U’ values, and insulate the walls and floors to reduce heat loss. We can also match brick or stonework to suit the look of your home.

Learn more about our quality range of double glazed windows and conservatories that come in a range of finishes and colours and can be supplied in PVCu, hardwood or aluminium.

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Glazing Options:

  • Self cleaning and/or solar control glazing
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Safety and security
  • Obscured and/or decorative glazing.
  • Fire protection

Glazing Suppliers:

Planitherm Glazing - visit the sitePlanithterm double Glazing
Planitherm double glazing has been proven to be the most energy efficient glass available in the UK, Lower your energy bills today with Planitherm double glazing.

Pilkington glass-visit the site Pilkington double Glazing
Pilkington offer a great range of energy efficient double glazing products to suit almost every need.

For more information on window energy ratings and double glazing view our energy ratings page.

Colour Options

Ebony Black
Ebony Black
Sage Green
Sage Green


Please note: We also offer a full range of Ral colours. Colours are rough representations and may appear different on different monitors.

Conservatory Styles

Victorian Style Conservtories

Victorian style conservatoryAs its name would suggest this conservatory is a classic. A popular choice of conservatory for homeowners because of its versatility of style – it has a bay front to give a curved shape and pitched roof for a classic appearance.

Built to last, you have the Seal –Lite guarantee that it will withstand extreme weather conditions. The Victorian conservatory is also packed with security features so peace of mind runs alongside sophistication, and has a style to it that suits all types of homes.

So extend your home with a classic double glazed conservatory that is pleasing on the eye and makes a statement about the quality of your home.

For more information on our products or servcies call us on 01275 342 656 or use our enquiry form here

P-shape Style Conservatories

P-shape style ConservatoryThe P-shape conservatory is ideal for a larger, detached property and expertly combines a double glazed lean-to conservatory with a Victorian conservatory.

Because a P-shape conservatory extends in different directions it is perfect for using as two separate living areas and creates a large amount of additional space to relax and enjoy.

Available in frame or glass, like all of our conservatories it can be built to match the existing brickwork of your property.

Combining a range of styles this double glazing window conservatory will have the neighbours flocking round in admiration.

For more information on our products or servcies call us on 01275 342 656 or use our enquiry form here

T-shape Style Conservatories

T-shape style ConservatoryThe T-shape conservatory is one of our largest double glazing conservatories and so works best on larger properties.

Like the P-shape conservatory it gives the opportunity to create two living spaces with one room. You also get a real feeling of being in the garden because the central part of the double glazing conservatory extends out into the garden area.

Seal-Lite has noticed that homeowners tend to use the large section as a dining room and the smaller section as a garden room.

Available in Edwardian or Victorian styles and with the highest security options as standard, this structure is all about the ‘wow’ factor. And here at Seal-Lite we work alongside you to make sure a style unique to your home is achieved.

For more information on our products or servcies call us on 01275 342 656 or use our enquiry form here

Gable Style Conservatories

Gable style ConservatoryConservatories and windows transform your home when you chose quality double glazing products. A Gable conservatory is a fine example. Mimicking the Georgian style, this conservatory will give your home a grand and stunning feature that increases the amount of space available to you.

Using the same floor space as a Georgian conservatory it has an apex roof that offers extra internal space. The front panel of the roof remains upright rather than sloping back to the centre to create a feeling of height within the conservatory.

It can be glazed with glass or polycarbonate and can be styled to meet your exacting needs, so you can have a conservatory that is designed to impress.

For more information on our products or servcies call us on 01275 342 656 or use our enquiry form here

Georgian Style Conservatories

Georgian style ConservatoryA Georgian conservatory is, along with the Victorian Conservatory, another real classic. This double glazed conservatory is designed to give you extra space to lay out furniture and typically has a high roof so natural light floods in to give you a bright and invigorating conservatory.

We have noticed how Georgian conservatories are becoming increasingly more popular. You can add a Georgian conservatory to any style of building, but it has that extra something when constructed as an addition to existing Georgian architecture.

Conservatories and windows can add a specific feel to your home that makes it stand out – a Georgian conservatory is rich in style and offers lots of light and airy glass. Contact us to find out more about enhancing your home with a Georgian conservatory.

For more information on our products or servcies call us on 01275 342 656 or use our enquiry form here

Lean-To Style Conservatories

Lean-to style ConservatoryA lean-to conservatory, also known as a Mediterranean conservatory, is the simplest type of double glazed conservatory to design. Famous for its clean lines, it is a contemporary conservatory that is the perfect partner to the modern home.

Great for restricted spaces such as a bungalow, lean-to conservatories can also be called ‘sun-rooms’ or ‘garden-rooms’ because they trap the winter sunlight and convert it into heat through the glass.

Lean-to conservatories have a simple design and, with at least one wall already built, they save time and labour, which saves money. A Mediterranean conservatory style is not an expensive option, because of its simplicity, and with heating, electricity and water readily available from the house, installation and maintenance costs are lower.

For more information on our products or servcies call us on 01275 342 656 or use our enquiry form here

Why choose Seal-Lite to provide your windows and doors?

We recycle your old windows and doors

window recylingRecycling

At Seal-Lite we don’t see recycling as just another buzzword or box-ticking exercise but as a commitment to improving the environment that we all have a stake in.

Household waste recycling is on the increase in the UK and traditionally glass, paper, aluminium, textiles and green waste were included and double glazing PVCu doors and windows were reserved for landfill.

With Seal-Lite you can recycle your old PVCu windows and doors so they end up becoming a new generation of products rather than being buried deep in the ground.

Double glazing PVCu house windows and doors have an average lifespan of 35 years and can go through the recycling process more than ten times before they lose performance capabilities – meaning that PVCu is one of the most sustainable materials in the house-building industry! So recycle your double glazing house windows and doors with Seal-Lite.


Experienced to help you choose the perfect products

help advisor who can offer advise on your productsOur experience

Based in Clevedon in the South West of England since 1987 we were originally manufacturing and installing just aluminium windows and doors. However, as consumer attitudes changed we began to manufacture and install PVCu house windows, doors, conservatories and garage windows.

Manufacturing and installing windows and doors in Clevedon, Weston-super-Mare, Nailsea, Portishead and Bristol for over 20 years means we have plenty of experience in delivering high quality home improvements.

We currently employ a loyal group of 30 staff and turnover is low. This means we understand the world of windows, doors and conservatories inside out and have the knowledge to offer a comprehensive and professional service, whether you are in the trade or a homeowner.


A great range of energy efficient windows, doors and conservatories

Energy efficiency

Our A-rated energy saving double glazing windows and thermally secure conservatories can save you money on your energy bills and help the environment.

Seal-Lite's range of aluminium and PVCu windows, doors and conservatories meet energy efficiency standards set by the regulatory body – the BFRC. Because our products reduce heat-loss and prevent draughts, along with saving money on your heating bills you will also have a more comfortable living environment.

Energy efficient double glazing also reduces the amount of harmful emissions that can pollute the environment – so as well as saving money and improving your lifestyle, you can help the planet too.

View our great range of energy efficient products:


Large production facilities

A worker in our factoryOur state of the art 20,000 sq.ft. factory

We have a full-service 1million pound state-of-the-art 20,000 sq.ft. factory that has a machining centre capable of producing around 1000 windows and doors per week.

We are perfectionists and being able to manufacture double glazed windows and doors in-house from top quality equipment means our customers get precision engineered products that stand the test of time.

Don’t take our word for it - drop in to see our range of windows, doors and conservatories at our Clevedon premises.